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etiket arşivleri: arabian tent

Living in bedouin tents

I will start by describing staying over night in a Bedouin tent. I live in Saudi Arabia and believe it or not camping in the desert is one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. People often camp at spring, of course camping in the summer considered a death …

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A stroll down Million Street

In the eyes of Mohammed Al Dhaheri, Jamilah was already a winner. The five-year-old black camel was gracefully chewing some fresh grass, carrying little about the attention given to her by a group of tourists with photo cameras. “Jamilah was born in my farm, near Riyadh, where I have about …

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Bedouin Tents in the UK

Until recently it has been fairly difficult to find any form of quality supplier of high end Bedouin tents in the UK. Suppliers have been fairly thin on the ground and the availability of this versatile tent suffered because of this, but this is thankfully changing as tent fabrics are …

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Living in a bedouin Tent

Living in the desert for even a short while can pose some challenges because of the dry and hot conditions. Bedouin tents are a safe and durable place to live and sleep in the desert.Bedouin tents derive from the Bedouin culture, which is made of mainly Arab nomadic pastoralist groups …

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Bedouin Tents in Anatolia

– MANUFACTURERS  succeeds in difficult The Turks, Central Asia, their tents are known for thousands of years of history since the earliest periods. Which is the subject of many research on this issue of Turkish tents, waterproof becomings, thermal insulation and eskimemesi many features, such as literature, history, and researchers …

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