Bedouin Tents in the UK

bedouin tents, bedouin tent

bedouin tents, bedouin tentUntil recently it has been fairly difficult to find any form of quality supplier of high end Bedouin tents in the UK. Suppliers have been fairly thin on the ground and the availability of this versatile tent suffered because of this, but this is thankfully changing as tent fabrics are becoming more advanced, lending themselves to being waterproof and having an array of other features which not only make them feasible with regards to the UK weather conditions, but also comply with the local fire retardancy specifications for insurance purposes. What to look for when renting or buying a Bedouin Tent in the UK There are several tent hire or purchase factors to keep in mind when looking to buy or rent a Bedouin tent in the UK. The most obvious would be to check if your tent is 100% waterproof (because we all know what the English weather is like). At best, the weather in the UK is unpredictable and at worst… Well we all know that too. Because of this there is always the likelihood of rain on the day of the event, this means that many people opt for the safety of an indoor (brick & mortar) venue However, if your tent is waterproof or weather proof, there’s absolutely no excuse to do something different. And this is where a modern Bedouin tent becomes the perfect choice for a UK special event. The go anywhere, do anything function tent With a Bedouin tent you will have a lot of flexibility in the sense that you will be able to choose your décor and lighting to complement your chosen theme. Some tent manufacturers even cater for tent branding, which is ideal for corporates. Furthermore, it’s easy to adapt your Bedouin tent according to the weather. If it’s sunny and warm, the tent sides can be open. These sides can, however, be brought down within a matter of minutes, should it begin to rain or suddenly become windy. A Bedouin tent can also be set up at almost any location. No terrain is an issue for a Bedouin tent, including areas that are normally to used to erect other tents such as Marquee tents. What is a safe Bedouin tent? One thing to keep in mind is the safety of your chosen Bedouin tent. Not all tent manufacturers supply tents that comply with the UK standards when it comes to being fire retardant. It is imperative that event companies, event organisers and individuals alike ensure the safety of their clients and guests by emphatically insisting on the correct fire retardant certificates when buying or hiring Bedouin tents UK.